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Premises and surroundings

Our highly-skilled team will bring each home back to life.

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We are happy to work for our clients. And so do they!

Special offers for real estate companies

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We specialize in the comprehensive preparation of real estate for rent or sale 
There is no longer any need to hire several crews of craftsmen – call us and we will put everything in order from the roof to the foundation

Carpet Cleaning

We'll clean your carpetings as good as new!


You'll be ready for a visit of customers - any time!


Best and most affordable paints and skilled painters


A real time-machine! Even your reflection will be a bit younger;)


No one will know that this part was rebuilt

Make Ready

One-stop service to make your estate ready for selling


Carpet, luxury vinyl and wood floor

Water Restoration

Our handymen will solve any troubles with pipes and tanks

Lawn Care

Perfect lawn by the house sell your house even before they get inside!


Designed with the latest tools


Our handymen will solve any troubles with pipes and tanks

About us

Manuel Garcia
Branch manager
kenberline mora
Customer service
Vivian Salas
Sales and Marketing
Rafael Romero
Make ready manger
Yonni Alfaro
Painting manager
Elizabeth Martinez
Maid service manager

Vivian Salas serves as President of Extreme Carpet Care, LLC, and oversees the customer experience across all of Extreme Services’ underlying businesses. Extreme Carpet Care, LLC was launched in 1999, and has since grown into Extreme Services, a one-stop services provider for its customers in the real estate and multi-family market.

If you are about to sell or lease your property, you know the headache you will experience by hiring dozens of workers and coordinating their work.
Our team will save you from problems and offers comprehensive services for preparing your property for Sale or lease on the one-stop principle. Our team consists of quality professional who have been servicing the Dallas Fort Worth metro area since 1999.

Just leave a request and our manager will contact you to draw up a detailed estimate of the work and offer the best options.

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